About Lorin Roche

Lorin Roche, PhD, began exploring the 112 meditations of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra in 1968, and it has been a nonstop love affair ever since. He began meditating as part of a scientific research study at the University of California and was soon assisting the research and training subjects to meditate. After advanced training as a meditation teacher in 1970, Lorin taught in think tanks, universities, military bases, high schools, hospitals, retreat centers, and private homes.

Lorin was involved in the physiological research on meditation until 1975, when he switched to studying the emotional and subjective experience of meditation. Lorin received a doctorate from the University of California at Irvine in 1987. In his research, he used the tools of cognitive anthropology to study the language of experience—the way meditators describe their inner worlds. His master’s degree research investigated the hazards of meditation and the crisis points in a meditator’s development; practicing the wrong technique for your personality and body type can produce harmful effects, and even the right type of meditation can challenge your system and produce evolutionary crises.

Lorin is a pioneer in developing personalized meditation practices, designing the techniques around an individual’s inner nature. In addition to The Radiance Sutras, Lorin is the author of five books on the life-affirming path of meditation, including Meditation Secrets for Women, written with his wife, Camille Maurine.
Lorin’s teaching celebrates individual uniqueness and aims at activating your internal guidance systems and bringing forth your instinctive knowing. In order to transmit the joyous wisdom of the Radiance Sutras, Lorin has created two related meditation systems: Pranava Meditation®, which utilizes the richness of the Sanskrit language and is oriented toward the yoga community, and Freedom Meditation®, which uses common sense terminology and focuses on inner knowing.

Dr. Roche teaches and consults worldwide with individuals, businesses, and universities to create custom meditation programs that suit their needs and cultures. For more information on private coaching, lectures, workshops, teleseminars, and meditation teacher training, visit lorinroche.com or contact him via email at lorin@lorinroche.com